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A young woman is dead and Theresa Marshall wants to see the killer brought to justice. Tanya Cornett does, too. But she has starkly different plans.

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Maggie Linden wakes to armed men crashing through her front door. She survives the                                                   attack, but why did they pick her house?

                                               A 2017 Kindle Scout selection

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Part 1 of Liz Crawford's story.

Liz returns home from six years at NASA and two in prison. Her sister has gone missing, and Liz sets out to find her, following the meandering trail of her sister's life. Along the way, she bends the law, risks her freedom and her life, and discovers just what she is capable of in the most extreme circumstances.

2016 Kindle Scout Selection

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The Liz Crawford Trilogy Part 2

In a story of murder and revenge, Liz finds herself investigating a killing. But is she the intended target?

A 2017 Kindle Press Selection

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The Liz Crawford Trilogy Part 3

Liz leaves Kentucky but finds it hard to shake her past or to escape the violence. A pair of unlikely Texans alter her plans and offer a new future. But another pair of hardened men stand in her way.

A 2017 Kindle Press Selection

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Lisa faces a new world after her mother is killed. And her friends and quick feet are her only protections.

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Karla and Ray face a collapsing society and a struggle to stay alive. An apocalyptic tale not for the faint of heart.

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Noir Suspense - An attempt to help, a wild night, actions that change her life. Whitney moves on, but she can't escape what she's done.

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